Права людини і громадянина

August 16, 2000
The Hon. Mr. Max van der Stoel
OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities
P.O. Box 20062, 2500 EB
The Hague, The Netherlands
Fax: 31 (70) 363 5910

Honourable Sir,

The Commission on Human and Civil Rights was formed by the Ukrainian World Congress, the coordinating body for Ukrainian organizations outside Ukraine, for the purpose of monitoring the human and civil rights of Ukrainians outside Ukraine. In connection with your planned visit to Russia, we wish to submit to you an outline of the situation of the Ukrainian national minority in the Russian Federation.

This memorandum is also an expression of our deep concern about the difficult situation of the Ukrainian minority in Russia, particularly with respect to the retention and development of its identity, language and culture. The attitude of the Russian authorities towards the Ukrainian minority can be characterized, in one sentence, as benign neglect, at the best, and outright hostility, at worst. Certainly there is little in the policy and actions of the Russian Government that can be viewed as supportive of the Ukrainian minority in Russia. The reasons for this lamentable situation stem from the historic relationship between the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, and is a legacy of the policy of previous Russian and Soviet State authorities.


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